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    “From the moment I met Mrs. Pam, I knew that I had met someone who was genuinely dedicated and committed to helping me work through my problems. All of Mrs. Pam work is rooted in current counseling theory. She tailored my treatment plan to my goals and every session was directly aligned to those goals. My counseling journey with Mrs. Pam has truly transformed my life for the better and empowered me to be the person I have always wanted to be. I cannot recommend Mrs. Pam enough.”

    -Anna Green


    A month later and we are still thriving. I believe the integration is officially settled in and continuing to be grateful that we are on the other side. 

    Thank you Mrs. Pam, and I hope all is excellent for you and your household. 

    Chris and I continue to grow. I believe since I am more settled in myself, have a broader perspective of life and my emotions aren’t as moody – I am better equipped to create space for self while co-building a new space for us. 

    The more distant I get from my past employer, the more I am realizing the necessary TOWER moment it had to be, but also the accomplishments that came out of that. You can’t say I didn’t make a difference nor fight for equity in that company. Many people may take the podium after me, but KYLA will be forever remembered as a FORCE. And it’s affirmed as people start to reach out on text or LinkEdIn to send me positivity and encouragement as I continue shining my light. 

    I wanted equity, I got it in the terms of a severance package. I wanted spaces of true softness and healing, and I’m creating it. 

    My management company HAKYLA MANAGEMENT LLC is official by the state of Texas!!! Pilates teacher training has been an incredible transition for me. The ease and confirmations I receive in this space, brings my current self an unspeakable JOY. This was all meant to be. A former scholarship athlete, always dancing and staying active. And learning about the body now more in depth is my new JAM. Everything is all connected, truly. 

    My healing hands are growing stronger. My words of light and wisdom are sharper. My intuition continues to be A1. Even taking a step back from daily oracle pulling or planetary transits, I am still amazingly tapped in. 

    A few things to note: 

    • my dreams: I’m less influenced by them. What I see in my dreams, is a combination of so many things. I have prophetic dreams, yes. But then I also have subconscious dreams where my brain is just sorting images, emotions and thoughts into a “digital journal”. I still have those dreams that bring immediate events to the front, like dreaming about New York, then waking up and seeing my friend send me pictures of her recent travels in the city. Or dreaming about a celebrity and then waking up and realizing they are trending news. The big realization is I don’t have to DO ANYTHING with these dreams, they already exist in some plane of reality. 
    • And with that, I’ve been focusing on sitting still in my dreams or minimizing how many scenes I try to force myself to sort through while in the dream. It’s an old habit of trying to see as much as possible as a defense mechanism. I think in order to achieve this, I must have more stillness before I rest, which means getting back into that flow I had pre-boyfriend. All possible things though. 
    • I had a recent trip to see my father in Jacksonville and I left very proud of myself because I didn’t shy away from an uncomfortable conversation that was necessary. His partner Brenda makes me uncomfortable in the house – her tone, behavior is disrespectful. Her energy is aggressive for no reason. The way she speaks to my father is demeaning and ugly. Everything is constantly combative, even down to the potato salad she made. I’ve witnessed this for 2 years and have said nothing. But on this trip, I had to stop internalizing and say something whether he would change his behavior or not. I thought to myself that if it was my situation or being done to me, people in my family would say something. They said something when I brought Chris to Florida for my father’a birthday, so many opinions. But this was different. 
    • So, I was honest and gave him several examples and he shared how he’s aware and because of her abusive background that he understands where it comes from, but agrees that it’s not okay – he just knows how to deal with it. He shared with me the next day that a small conversation erupted into an area where he had to check it… 🤷🏽‍♀️ 
    • Still, I’m proud of myself for saying the hard thing for the sake of being concerned for my father and making sure his welfare was okay. I see his aura – top chakras are light and bright. Lower chakras are clogged and gray… 

    All of these types of analysis will be of benefit to my future clients, which right now I have a committed 2, 5 including family members! 

    Looking forward to hearing from you and may blessings to continue to meet you on your journey of helping others. 

    -Ms. Kyla


    “That Mrs. Pam actually cares about her patients. She saw that at one point I was having difficulty committing to the sessions, and once she showed me she cared and snapped me into reality, I began to put in the work and saw results!”

    “Pam is very empathetic. She is an incredibly good listener. She is reliable and she focuses on getting to the root cause of the issue. She holds her clients accountable. She provides tangible information and resources for the client to use. She is instrumental in helping each client become the best version of themselves.”


    “Pam always pushes me to be the best version of myself & put in the work because I am worth it! I love the structure of our sessions & the fact that I have to make a new commitment for the following session which further encourages me to put in the work.”

    -Ana V


    “To continue doing what she is doing! I have gone to several other counselors and none of them have continually pushed me to put in the work to see the benefits!”

    -Dondra B

    “Mrs. Pam has really helped change my life. I now have the tools and resources to challenge myself, my anxiety, my body image, and my eating disorder and set the necessary boundaries with my family. Honestly, self care has really changed everything for me. I feel like incorporating self care into my daily routine has really helped me become a better me. Thanks Mrs. Pam!!”

    -Mrs. Ashley Q.


    “Pam pushes me when I don’t want to answer/ don’t know answers to uncomfortable questions.”

    “I’m excited to continue seeing Pam!”

    Lindsey S


    “Love ms Pam! She makes me feel comfortable.”

    – Sarah W


    “She is very patient, and listens to me. She gave me goals and suggestions on what to read and do to help me with my problem. I want to keep coming to the sessions and get better.”

    – Johnnie


    “Pam made me feel welcomed and important. She was very kind, genuine and involved in my session. I felt heard and respected.”

    – Michaela


    “It’s always comforting to know when life becomes too shaky, I can reach out for support. Thank you as always for being a pillar in my life.”

    – KMJ