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  • Mom, keep your head up!

    Mom, keep your head up!  You matter and you make a difference in this world.  Even though there are plethora of parenting books, none of them are a one size fits all.  I take my hat off to all mothers, especially professional mothers, single mothers, and mothers of Special needs children. 

    Literally the demands of career and children are very stressful.  There are times when you may wonder if you’re doing enough, and feeling like your hectic life is reducing quality time with your children.

    I just want to encourage you with the time you have, be intentional and schedule one on one time with your children so no one will feel left out, and make time to have family meetings and to have fun. Sitting at the table during dinner time is still a special time to check in with your children to see what is going on in their lives. Make it a rule to not have technology at the table during that time. Also, schedule time to have a vacation during Spring Break and/or summertime and take a vote on where to go so you can create core memories. 

    Being a mother is a privilege, but it is also hard work. Unfortunately, children are facing so much from womb to school.  If it is not the strenuous milestone tests with psychiatrists, to daycare not really working with a child who struggles with potty training, or elementary schools with rigorous work assignments and standards, or the temptation of technology becoming the new pacifier to overstimulate the child’s brain.

    We are truly living in unprecedented times. It takes a village to raise a child, but these days that level of support isn’t always there. In the Spirit of gratitude, Happy Mother’s Day.