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  • NES Health Practitioner

    Beloved Client,

    Things are changing rapidly, and we are all having to adapt to new ways of doing things and quickly. We know there is a lot of anxiety about what is happening and how that will impact our lives moving forward — especially from a personal health point of view.

    Prior to this, I invested in the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System. My thought process at the time was to integrate NES into what I already offer. However, I’ve realised that the timing for introducing this bioenergetic system into my clinic couldn’t be more perfect. I can continue to support my own health that of my family and clients, and all this can be done remotely.

    So what is this BioEnergetiX WellNES System?

    NES Health are the leaders in bioenergetics: the study, detection and correction of energy in living systems. They have spent decades mapping out the energy and communication systems of the body. Collectively, these systems are called the human body-field, which acts as a control system for the body’s physical activity.

    What does this mean for you?

    The scanning software is able to detect any underlying distortions in the human body-field.

    In particular, I’ve seen an increase in under-powered or distorted fields related to the immune system thanks to the NES Health scanner. When combined with NES’ revolutionary software, the scanner can addresses immunity and can provide ways to support your clients and yourself — especially during these stressful times.

    Speaking of stress…

    Did you know that the stress has been proven to negatively affect the immune system?